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As predicted, Nintendo took the opportunity during their earlier Nintendo Direct to announce a new character for the upcoming Smash Bros. game. Continuing their new trend of announcing characters that tie into upcoming releases, they announced (surprising no one) that Luigi would once again return to the ring and that we should probably buy Mario and Luigi 4 when it comes out in the next few weeks.  

And then of course all of the pictures on the smash site were cute, because they Weegee is always cute.


Way cute.


And this is all great news, but the only thing that I would actually want them to announce in regards to him, is the fact that he now carries his Poltergust with him, but as far as I can tell from all of the screenshots, we have NO MENTION.  Mario has the Fludd, so why can’t we give Luigi a little love. 

If we really are celebrating the YEAR OF LUIGI, let’s at least reference the best games he has starred in.

*He is not that new when he has been in every single game in the series.

Amazon always ships be things with this beautiful symmetry. Sidenote if anyone got resident evil message me your gt so we can raid together. Also message me if you want to join my sailor moon reading club. Some restrictions apply.

Tomb raider is happening in just like 17 hours! I kind of want to not go to work but it won’t even come in the mail until 5 ish. But I am rull excited! Is anyone else going to play it in case I want multiplayer friends??

I am going to write a lot about DMC when I finish it, but as of 2 thirds through, there is so much right going on.  Some of the stuff Ninja Theory managed to create in this, not only gives me hope for video games in general, but really shows that creators can actually create new, interesting concepts even when confined to the game mechanics they set for themselves.  

The whole game is dripping in bad-ass douchery in such an enjoyable way that somehow perfectly syncs with my little white homosexual identity and thought process.  

I am going to analyse stuff more once I have a view of the whole game, but wowowow I am having a good time.  I hope Ninja Theory rakes it in so they can actually be in a place to make a sequel. 

I just completed Gravity Rush while lying in bed feeling poopy, and while I enjoyed it enough, I think it is one of those games in which the concept and the visual identities were disgustingly great, only to have it fall apart a little bit in execution.


The controls are mediocre at best, the touch screen adding very little to the experience.  You point the psvita to aim which way you want Kat to shift in conjunction with the right stick, which is awkward and I kept ending up holding the system at strange angles to get he to fly correctly.  The idea of the gravity powers is really cool and fun to explore, but the second you have to deal with the combat, which is most of the story, it becomes instantly agonizing.  I found myself relying on her super attacks to kill most everything, because it homes in on the target.  Manually trying to kick one of the enemies nearly always ended with me flying yards past them, while completely missing them.

It felt very Square Enixy in the fact that they started by designing some cool characters and then had to try and make a story around them.  This resulted in an off balance narrative that keeps making new kind of interesting plot points, but then instantly dropping them the next time something happens.  There is no conclusion to anything. Why is Alias doing what he is doing?  Where do shifters come from?  Is Kat a queen of a different dimension or what??? I understand that they wanted to leave it open ended for a potential seuqel, but they still need to find the happy middle ground in which the viewer feels at least some sense of resolution.  You don’t get any of that here.

I was pleasantly surprised with the different locales you got to travel, but any inkling of hope that new gameplay was being introduced quickly returned to the flight and fight formula.  

Don’t get me wrong, the game is beautiful, and fun enough.  The music is a nice departure from the typical game, with its French influence.  I just wish that they could have done more, and done better.  I saw that first image of Kat standing sideways looking down upon that grand looking city, and thought “damn, this is going to be magnificent”.  But in the end, I only left Hekesville with a few fond memories, and a bit of confusion and frustration.  

Game Store Identity design (work in progress)


DKR - Diddy Kong Racing Set 1 of 2

Here is the first part to my DKR Signature series.  Here, Signature is being used literally as I had each racer sign their name to a piece of paper, which I carefully scanned and added to each snap shot.  For real guys.

These are all available as iphone cases on our redbubble store, and I can make them into other things if there is interest.  

Remember how much fun this game was when it came out.  Don’t you want to remember each and every time you look at your phone?

Comments welcome! Always feel free to contact us through ask or whatever, and until next time! (which will be in 5 minutes when I upload the second set)




DKR - Diddy Kong Racing Set 2 of 2

Oh hullo again.

Long time no see.

I have returned with the long awaited second set of DKR cases for your viewing pleasures. 

This set includes DS remake added characters, Dixie, and Tiny Kong.  When seeing this you may say, “But Adam I am an N64 purist and I don’t accept this blasphemous attempt to ruin my childhood memories.”

to which I would reply, “I do not care. Go sit on a stick.”

Because everyone knows that Dixie Kong is the greatest edition to the Kong Family of all time.


As usual, these are also available on our Redbubble Store!

Also, I just want to take a moment to thank you guys for all of your support! Whether or not you know it, just clicking like on our posts makes us so much more excited to show the things we make.  Trying to be cute and funny and nostalgic on the internet is a hard demand, but we do our best.

Until next time!


Sailor Thessia

What is this even????

This is bluesandblacks  fault. 

Diddy Kong Racing #13 -Taj The Elephant

He is an elephant. The Elephant.  WHo forces you to race him in order to give you three extra balloons that you need to save the world.  He also is a genie and magical.

Diddy Kong Racing #12 -Tiny Kong (DS Remake)

And another update! The other character added, as I said, was Tiny Kong, which any DK fan knows to be Dixie’s younger sister who starred in DK64.  However, before this game came out, a game called DK Barrel Blast was released by some rando developer who didn’t get the memo that Tiny was like 6 years old, and aged her to a sexy lady monkey

I like to think this is a Matrix from Reboot situation, where future Tiny had to come back in time to help fight off the evil Wizpig and race and coexist with her past self.  Regardless, I disregarded the nonsense that is Bobby Tiny, and kept with the cute lil body she should have. 

Diddy Kong Racing #11- Dixie Kong (DS Remake)

While she didn’t have a starring role in the original game, Rare decided to add some ladies to the mix with their update (because of legal reasons Banjo ans Conker weren’t allowed to return).  Dixie and TIny were added which brought the lady total to 3.  

My favorite thing about Dixie, other than the fact that she is the best, is that she is basically Diddy in drag, so that is what I was channelling here.  

Diddy Kong Racing - The Original Racers 10

Everyone looked so cute together that I just decided to go all the way and recreate the character select screen.


I wanted to make him a little bit more creeper, which makes sense as he stalks you the entire game, pretending that he is just meandering around each world aimlessly.  He is obviously there to get a better look at your hot booty.

Diddy Kong Racing #7 - Bumper the Badger

Bumper is cute.  Also, he is the only character who wears protective gear to the race.  He is the only guy who gives a shit about his health and the safety of others.

Thank you Bumper.  

Thank you.