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Logo stuff from work.  Still a work in progress, but I am really enjoying how it is turning out. 

Dear design/art/every other friend,

Is this business card design cute? I like it, but I am usually partial to my own designs.  That’s also a cute new logo I am working with.  Please give me your thoughts, love, etc. (please do not give me punches to the stomach)



On an entirely unrelated note, I have began and new project which I have tentatively entitled, Project Redesign: Iowa City and Surrounding Areas Weekly Challenge Edition EXTREME.  Or just PR:IC&SAWCEE which isn’t much better, but does almost look like Prick Saucy which is kind of funny.

ANYWAY, The whole concept of the project is to force myself to do design work outside of my terrible design work at my job, build my portfolio doing things I actually want to do, and have as much fun as physically possible while doing so.  I idea is that each week I challenge myself to rebrand/redesign/spruce up a different local business of my choosing.  Going form logo to everything and anything else that they get printed.  I need to not only keep myself motivated, but keep striving to create new and interesting things, and this idea seemed like a good way to do it.

My first week, starting today, I am working on Iowa City’s comic book shop, Daydreams Comics.  Every time I go to the store, or see their sign on the internet I die just a little bit inside, because it isn’t current, or really that pretty to begin with.

Daydream’s Website

I had a really clear idea of what I wanted the logo to look like.  I used the concept of a square with three rounded corners and one not rounded as a incredibly reduced speech bubble and went from there.  

So the first, thing I deigned was the modular packaging that could be printed on the brown paper bags that they put stuff in.  I wanted it to have a primary mainly with a tertiary accent, and as red and blue are historically the colors of super heroes, I went with them. It looks really cool all together and exudes the idea of sequential art panels lined up.  

I think I may start a side blog for the project eventually, but I was really pleased with this and wanted to share it with y’all.