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And then I made this flyer, which isn’t as cute because I had to put this awkward photograph into it, but I can edit that out for my portfolio and make it better….

I love when I actually get to spend time making cute things at my job that actually relate to what I want to be doing in the future.  And even though I only get to work on things for an hour or two total, I can still pull out something that isn’t terribly underdesigned.

Personal Business Cards Round Two.  

After some great feedback, I have reeled it in and made some much needed edits.  Here are the lovely results, with some added bonus colors.  

As always, critique is welcome and appreciated!

Dear design/art/every other friend,

Is this business card design cute? I like it, but I am usually partial to my own designs.  That’s also a cute new logo I am working with.  Please give me your thoughts, love, etc. (please do not give me punches to the stomach)



Game Store Identity design (work in progress)