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This started out as a project for work, and quickly got away form me, and the concept.  But I think they are overtly cute, and am determined to use them for something

I am still slowly chugging away you guys!  I finished all 10 koroks tonight!  Some of them are really cute! Some are SUPER cute! and others yet or just ok cute. BUT I only have one more final before winter break, which means I can make a helluva lot more progress soon!  Get pumped, get excited. 

BECAUSE I would love to finish this poster before Christmas, because it would make a great gift and you could hang it on the wall and it would be great!

That is all.  


But at least my Anniversary CD has album art in itunes.

Plus, it matches the other one I made.

And according to the numbering I put on this one, I only have 12 more to make.