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So, last week there was that really wonderful google doodle, by Mike Dutton, in honor of Dian Fossey, and all I could think about was how wonderful the actual lettering looked, sans the paintings. Even with the modifications and flattening of their classic logo, I really never got behind the pseudobaskerville look, specifically in how it mismatches with the rest of their always very mdoern design.  I was so obsessed with this logo that I decided to trace and simplify just to take a peek, and I am in love with it. It looks much better in the black, but even the weird gradient double o could work with some tweaking.  I think its time to ditch the straight up serif logo for something clean, and beautiful. Google is at the forefront of user design, so it seems dumb for their logo to fall a step behind.  

Women of Nintendo Series 1 


Fun with vector art, by me colorlust

And then I made this flyer, which isn’t as cute because I had to put this awkward photograph into it, but I can edit that out for my portfolio and make it better….

I also made this cute banner today, and go to have fun with typography.  

I love when I actually get to spend time making cute things at my job that actually relate to what I want to be doing in the future.  And even though I only get to work on things for an hour or two total, I can still pull out something that isn’t terribly underdesigned.


I decided to revive my idea for making x-lady shirts with great quotes on them, but I need help finding great quotes. I obviously have jubilee’s figured out, but I started designing Psylocke and I do not know her best one liners.

Please assist me.

An exercise in icon making.  I think I have started something terrible.  

Let’s take votes and guess on how many pokemon I will get to before I give up.

Nintendom Designs 001 - Birdo 

WIth no knowledge of what I am actually designing, which variation of this logo do y’all think looks the nicest?  I am having doubts.  

So, I have a client who I am just starting out with, and I am designing her running store’s identity.  I am supposed to start sending her some logo thumbnails today, but as you can see, I am not feeling it today.

Not only does she want green, pink, silver, maybe a daisy (?), but on top of it all, the pun doesn’t make any sense!  It should say ‘Girls just wanna have run’ which makes even less sense, but at least it sticks with the song.

Girls Just Wanna Run, sounds like some downtrodden dude, whose girlfriend dumped just dumped him.

"I’ll never land me a lady."

"Aw man, don’t worry about it.  Girls, well, girls just wanna run."

Did I make a logo for our weekend trip? Yes. Yes I did.

Am I printing out window decals of it.  Yes. Yes I am.

Logo stuff from work.  Still a work in progress, but I am really enjoying how it is turning out. 

Updated Resume.  I am trying to kick myself into high gear, because my self appointed deadline to start applying for new jobs is in 15 days.

This started out as a project for work, and quickly got away form me, and the concept.  But I think they are overtly cute, and am determined to use them for something

Personal Business Cards Round Two.  

After some great feedback, I have reeled it in and made some much needed edits.  Here are the lovely results, with some added bonus colors.  

As always, critique is welcome and appreciated!