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Logo stuff from work.  Still a work in progress, but I am really enjoying how it is turning out. 

Look at this cute business card I whipped up for a customer at work.  He wanted black and white, one sided,gave me a list of info he wanted and told me to do whatever I wanted.

The lesson to be had here, is that when clients give me complete freedom, the design always turns out a thousand and a half times better than when they come in with some asinine thing drawn up.  I wish I had saved this terrible foam insulation card that I  made directly after this one.  His wife “had a keen eye for design” with zero training and zero talent, and hand draw the business card on an 8.5x11 on which all of the shit that was going on was written in about 10 pt.

 I even tried to rearrange it to make it not look like gopher vomit, but the other designer pointed out, wouldn’t I feel really sad when they chose their shit ass design out of the two I produced.  So, I just gave them what they wanted.

A terrible business card.

in conclusion Moe called back, and the only change he wanted made, was to take off his email address, and add ” I have clean cab”.  If that doesn’t say success, what does?