DMC is so Great Though

I am going to write a lot about DMC when I finish it, but as of 2 thirds through, there is so much right going on.  Some of the stuff Ninja Theory managed to create in this, not only gives me hope for video games in general, but really shows that creators can actually create new, interesting concepts even when confined to the game mechanics they set for themselves.  

The whole game is dripping in bad-ass douchery in such an enjoyable way that somehow perfectly syncs with my little white homosexual identity and thought process.  

I am going to analyse stuff more once I have a view of the whole game, but wowowow I am having a good time.  I hope Ninja Theory rakes it in so they can actually be in a place to make a sequel. 

  1. arcanearcher said: Goddammit now I have to get it.
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