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The Hannibal fandom extends a cordial invitation to ALL THE FANDOMS in Tumblr to join us for dinner.

Our beloved show is currently struggling with ratings, and as you all understand, that can be quite a sticky situation to be in if you want to have a show you love renewed for another season. 

So here we are, asking you people to help us help Will Graham and get the show going for many more seasons. We would be more than thrilled to have more people to share this intelligent, elegant and utterly superb show with, as well as the madness of our fandom.

Watch Hannibal Friday at 10/9c on NBC.

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Cable and the X-Force #5 Variant cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Oh no, I have started a thing


just a 30 min cool-down sketch of one of my favourite young X-men: Surge

i love the (assumed) new design by Clay mann

Gurl, where you at??


Review: Wolverine and the X-men v2 #1

When Wolverine and the X-men launched a few years ago, it added a much needed new corner into the X-universe.  It scratched an itch that hadn’t been touched for a long time by moving the focus away from super heroics and focusing on the school aspect that had been lost since M-day.  We got to see familiar characters in new roles as teachers.  We got to see a lot of underused characters in a more active role, and we got some brand new characters that were great.  It was zany, it was fun, it was magic. But 42 issues later it had run its course.  The story had already culminated (awkwardly) at the Hellfire saga, and we had a few issues of confused sputtering until it finally ended.  

Then we got news that the series would receive an ALL NEW MARVEL NOW relaunch brought to us by jasonlatour and mahmudasrar.  Based on the 10-15 online comments I read at the time, it appeared that many people were growing wary of these relaunches, but I was more than ready for it.  A new issue number one allows not only for new people to jump onto a book, but when done well, and done correctly, it allows for a refocus and a creative reboot.  Those things were greatly needed to revitalize my once favorite series, and I think we are getting that.

This new entry in the franchise does a lot of things right.  I mean it does almost everything right.  We see the students after the end of the previous series.  Graduation has just happened and we are starting a summer term.  For reasons not yet disclosed, Wolverine has let most of the schools staff go on leave, leaving us with the senior staff of Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Fantomex, and the TA’s Armor and Quentin Quire.  This shift immediately allows for a greater focus on the students.  Not only our there less teachers vying for screen time, but the Students are taking up more of the necessary roles in the school.  It also allows for us to get a very peeved and overworked Storm with amazing annoyed faces drawn by Mahmud.  

There are several threads that start in the issue that have me very intrigued, and each thread weaves between scenes smoothly.  We get to check in with a lot of different people throughout the issue, and each gets to have a moment in the spotlight.  We are also introduced to a new student, Lin Li, the really cute antler girl from the previews.  While she doesn’t say anything the entire issue she serves as a really nice gateway into the book for new readers, plus she is incredibly adorable.  

First issues are incredibly hard to pull off, but tight plotting, great art, and funny, smart writing all make a large difference.  I think it is important to mention that I laughed out loud several times the first time I read it.  There are a lot of play on words and puns and I was living for it.  The art only adds to the joy of it all.  Every scene felt alive  and dynamic.  All of the new designs are a treat, and I really appreciated the bamfs wearing little suits.

I am a little wary of TERRIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE that seems to be a very consistent trope in the X-universe, but I am holding out hope that something good will come from it.  It does tie into battle of the Atom and AVX fallout which no one has really even mentioned since it happened (What the heck is Kymera even doing????).  If Hope and Wanda did destroy the Phoenix, how is Quentin running around with flaming mutton chops in the future? So I am hoping we get some nice answers.

The issue has the perfect amount of fun and lays the foundation for something grand and memorable.  I only hope that the team has as long as Jason Aaron did to put their mark on the universe, because as of this moment, I am very excited to see where it goes.   

I wrote a thing!

Yesterday was my last day at my old job, so of course everyone brought in all of this delicious food, and I ate terribly and had carbs ALL DAY.  And now I am trying to get back on track, but I really want a cheeseburger and fries for my hangover but I am eating a wrap instead. 

I have been flirting with the idea for seriously two years, and I am really close to doing it I think.  I just want someone to tell me exactly how to do it and where to send it and which issues to use and how to use the post office. 

Everyone is watching the oscars and I am trying to get better at Threes


This will be all of us tonight at 10/9c.

But really, all y’all folks need to start picking up the slack and watching this show. So help me god if we don’t get to season three I will be writing angry letters.


This will be all of us tonight at 10/9c.

But really, all y’all folks need to start picking up the slack and watching this show. So help me god if we don’t get to season three I will be writing angry letters.

This is probably the last cute thing I will design at my current job.  I just sent it off to the client to get approved, and I am excited for him to tell me how much he hates it and how much I will have to change.

:) :) :)

Only 6 days of this hell left and counting! Hallelujah. Jesus Christ. Amen. 

I have this saved on my work desktop because I thought it was hilarious, but now that I am moving on I think it is time to share it with the world.  

I really hope that this was a real comment and not some joke, because that would greatly reduce how sad I am about the world. 

But I have been entirely busy and stressed with work, and even more busy and stressed out with a long string of interviews, which has led me to this news alert.

I have gotten myself a new job!

Not only a job, but a big boy job with a salary and benefits and all.  I turned in my final paperwork today, and I am now officially the Graphic Designer of the International Program at the University of Iowa.  I only have eight days left at my current hellhole, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

It feels like I am finally becoming an adult, even though I have been out of school for over a year and a half. I get my own cubicle and my own big computer, and my own intern.  Hopefully this means I can keep my actual blog updated a lot more too.  Thanks for all of the positive vibes y’all be sending me, they finally paid off. 


If you want me to work full time on an account you need to pay me full time. Then I can work for you constantly and won’t have other clients to tend to. Until then, you have to leave room for me to get the work done that works for my schedule. I do my best to accommodate but this is just unfair.

This, this, eerday. And I try to logic with them about how other Clients have put in work orders before them and I can’t drop everything I am doing currently to suddenly get all of their things designed first. 


Jessica Drew (New Avengers #5, 2005)

Art by David Finch, Danny Miki & Frank D’Armata

But that’s not Jessica Drew, that’s he skrull queen, which I still can’t process.

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