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I am painfully, painfully photogenic.  

Wolverine and the X-Men #17


Betty Who’s new Slow Dancing EP is so good. Heartbreak Dream is, obvi, the bomb, but I love love love Giving Me Away, too. Here’s Queen Who doing it acoustic for Billboard. 

Shoot! I didn’t know the whole EP came out!


Second rant of the day summed up in one picture from All New X-men 25:

Second rant of the day summed up in one picture from All New X-men 25:



Why does she need to have boots to be strong? Gender inequality tho.

I really just can’t deal with the idea that putting a woman, a woman who is already in a skin tight body suit with boob socks, into ‘Jet high heels’ was considered as s serious way to empower her.  

It would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so sad and out of touch.  

From the get go, Zero Suit Samus as a character was ridiculous.  Samus isn’t only supposed to be in peak human shape from all of her training with the Chozo, but she also has their DNA (as well as Metroid DNA) Spliced into hers. So even without her suit, she should be more along the lines of a Captain America/Ninja hybrid.  She is a warrior, trained in hand to hand combat.  Not twirling around with her laser ribbon dancing in space heels. 

The very idea that space warrior is nothing without her armor is troublesome.  It insinuates that as a female she lacks the quality and ability to do the things she does in her masculine form when she takes on a feminine form.  The whole thing exists as a form of fan service, which can be tolerable, but only when it doesn’t come at the cost of character.

The issue of representation in video games isn’t new, but it seems like game companies are having the hardest time grasping the issues, and correcting them.  I naively expect more from Nintendo, but the way Metroid has been treated recently (Other M, this nonsense) it is becoming apparent that we may need someone else to steer this disaster to a new course. 

Blerg. 0/10 do not recommend. 



I’ve been laughing at this for 3 days


Thanks everyone

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I haven’t seen these, but they are super cite! I am greedy and want more.

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Rita Ora | 'I Will Never Let You Down' 

Rita Ora has just premiered her new single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ and it’s a total smash. The singer paid a visit to the Capital FM Breakfast Show on March 31st to share her new tune. ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, which was written and produced by real-life lover Calvin Harris, definitely sounds like a Calvin Harris jam, but a more toned down pop version of what he normally releases which works quite brilliantly for Rita. 

Recently during an interview with Paper magazine, Rita compared her new single to some of Whitney Houston’s timeless classics. Rita explained that ”I Will Never Let You Down is obviously a very important song to me because it’s a love song, but it reminds you of Whitney, and that was the vibe we were on. We just wanted to feel good. You know that feeling of How Will I Know with the synth? It just makes you feel happy … that’s what I wanted to create.”

Rita’s ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ will be available to purchase on May 11th. 

I have been anxiously awaiting this one (Boyfriend can tell you all about how annoying I have been) and I really like it!  I want to add it to my cardio list, but it isn’t actually available for purchase until May…which seems a bit strange.  The video is out and everything!  Why wait two months to officially release the track? Someone explain this to me

it’s friday and I am dressed cute, and officially over this week

Does anyone have an extra Manaphy to give to me?


Magik by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

I just really love Walta’s work.  Astonishing was consistently beautiful.  


Evolution of a Marvel - Starring Jean Grey

Available on Redbubble.

I made this thing and I am putting it on all the blogs

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The Hannibal fandom extends a cordial invitation to ALL THE FANDOMS in Tumblr to join us for dinner.

Our beloved show is currently struggling with ratings, and as you all understand, that can be quite a sticky situation to be in if you want to have a show you love renewed for another season. 

So here we are, asking you people to help us help Will Graham and get the show going for many more seasons. We would be more than thrilled to have more people to share this intelligent, elegant and utterly superb show with, as well as the madness of our fandom.

Watch Hannibal Friday at 10/9c on NBC.

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Cable and the X-Force #5 Variant cover by Leinil Francis Yu